Editorial excellence

As every editor and producer knows, there are many who want to work in the media, but not everyone has that all-important way with words. Patricia Maunder does, and she knows how to deliver according to brief. With more than 20 years’ experience writing and editing for print and online, as well as scripting, producing and presenting for radio, she expresses ideas and information clearly and engagingly – on time, every time.

Published work includes:

Patricia delivers what her commissioning editors and producers need, whether she has pitched the idea or had it put to her. While she focuses on the arts (particularly performing arts), travel and lifestyle (especially food, drinks and consumer tech), she has extensive experience covering everything from actors to astronauts. No matter what the topic or audience, the end result always shines with excellent grammar, spelling and punctuation, accurate information and a compelling style.

Make your publication or program shine – contact Patricia about contributing:

  • reviews
  • features
  • opinion
  • profiles
  • columns
  • listicles
  • Q&As
  • anything else you need to communicate with your audience.